We assist individuals living with I/DD in the borough of Queens with Service Access Assistance Services. through OPWDD.  The person must be living with a family member/roommate/caregiver. (Office of People with Developmental Disabilities).

Information and Referrals

Information on a variety of issues from transportation, education, recreational programs, migration issues, etc. along with referrals services where applicable. 

Benefits and Entitlements

*Applying for SSI 


*Social Security /disability  (SSDI)

*Appeals and Denials 


*Providing Advocacy Assistance with issues pertaining to a child's education needs 

   +Attending IEP meetings

   +Information/assistance with the resolution and mediation process 

   +Attending partial hearing

Advocacy Services

*Self Advocacy- See Safety Pursuiter's Section for more information 

*Individual Advocacy

*Systems Advocacy